dimanche 20 mai 2012

More Than I Had Imagined...

In this entry, I am going to talk about an experience that it is dear to my heart. I do not know if it will matter to you. We all have things that make us different and who we are and this is an experience that makes me who I am. :) So, if you want, you can skip to the next entry and forget about this one. :) 

Last Friday, I went to the concert of The Piano Guys. If you do not know who they are, you should definitely looked them up in Youtube. It was a magical experience!

The concert was in Saint George, Utah. The drive from Provo to Saint George is beautiful at this time of the year! I cannot explain how beautiful with words. Pictures do not make it justice! The mountains and trees were so green that it felt like we were driving  through tropical forests. It was just perfect! Me and my friend drove down listening to talks and having conversations about the meaning  of freedom. It matched very well with the scenery we were driving through. That contact with nature together with our conversations was truly liberating! 

The concert was situated into one of the most beautiful places I have seen on earth! It was surrounded by beautiful red rock mountains together with green trees of every shape and form. The place was far from the city so there was a beautiful silence matching up the beauty around. Because of a miscalculation we arrived 15 minutes late but it was all fine. We had front row seats and the music was already playing as we entered the concert. Oh...! I cannot describe the way I felt! The piano! The cello! The music made just magic in my soul! I have been listening to the Piano Guys's music since last year. Since my best friend introduced them to me. Their music has been a companion in my hard times, it reminds of the beautiful friendship I have with my best friend, and it always transports me to magical places! 

The Piano Guys played their most acclaimed songs. They played a little of the new arrangements they are working on and each, John Schmidt and Steve Sharp Nelson, played their best solos in their own instruments. It was amazing how the piano and the cello became toys in these men hands. It was the first year anniversary of their group so after the show, together with a big cake, we took pictures and they stayed for more than two hours talking and taking pictures with everyone. They had cake for all 300 hundred and more people! I was amazed! I was even more touched when it was the mothers of the Piano Guys who had arranged this party for everyone after the concert. We talked to them as we were getting our piece of cake. They were so sweet and kind with us. Afterwards, my friend made a very interesting comment about this. He said, "It is easy to see that they do not play for fame and money. What other artists stay hours taking pictures, talking to everybody and in the top of that bring cake for  so many people?" It felt like we were all family. It was very sweet! I really appreciated this comment because I could see the sincere and pure heart these men have. I know that they do not play for fame or money. They play because they love what they do and their vision, as it is said in their Facebook page, "is to create music and videos that inspire and uplift. " In their own words: "Whatever we do, we put our heart and souls into every note and frame." I was a witness of this vision that night! It was very inspiring!

Afterwards, me and my friend went to explore the area before heading back home. Saint George is a beautiful city! I had been wanting to go there for such a long time. A good friend of mine, long time ago, described its beauty to me as a place full of wide, beautiful and rough spaces. This my friend especially loved the rough beauty in the mountains and rocks.  All he said about Saint George was true. The area is indescribably beautiful! The red mountains, the water running besides them, the houses surrounded by green palm trees together with the beautiful music I just heard played by The Piano Guys created a peace in my heart that is is impossible to describe... It was more than I had expected that night... It was more than I had imagined... As me and my friend were walking through this beautiful place, I thought in the fact that just as hard things come into our lives unexpectedly and sometimes we do not imagine the hardship behind them so do the good and beautiful things. That night was one of those beautiful moments I had never imagined. I felt grateful for this realization. I am grateful because it makes life more exciting! It is exciting to know that just as hard things will keep coming unexpectedly so will the beautiful things. And these beautiful unexpected moments will sometimes be more beautiful than we had ever imagined... 

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