lundi 27 mai 2013


Yesterday, May 26th, was mother's day in France and today is mother's day in Bolivia. A spirit of profound reverence fills my heart as I ponder in the sacred name of MOTHER and in my mother. I read the words of John in the Bible: "And there stood at the cross of Jesus  HIS MOTHER." Then, my heart is filled with immense gratitude as I recognize the many times my mother stood by my side during the times I carried my different "crosses." A poem from George Griffith Fetter comes to mind: "The noblest thoughts my soul can claim. The holiest words my tongue can frame, unworthy are to frame the name more sacred than all other. An infant when her love first came. A man, I find just still the same. Reverently I breath her name: the blessed name of a Mother." And, I say yes, blessed and sacred is the name of MOTHER.

Yesterday, I received a beautiful message from my best friend's mother saying: "... to be a mother is not always easy. Sometimes we do certain things for the good of our children but they do not realize that it is for their good; they understand it later, sometimes when they are parents themselves. [But], my joy is my children. They are the most important thing to me, along with my husband. I love them so much!" I was not expecting it but tears came as I read this message. I felt it very deep, as if my mother would have said the same things. This happens so often. It is true that many times, as children, we do not realize the things mothers do for us until later. We do not realize how much our mothers do for us until they are gone. I've taken in that even if they only pray for us, they already do a lot. Boyd K. Packer said: "There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a mother." It is true.

When I was in Bolivia, mother's day was a touching holiday for me. There were flowers all around, especially red roses. There was music as well. The rich people would serenade their mothers at six or seven in the morning. It was fun to wake up to those sounds. All the restaurants had their buffets with especial dishes and even live music to attract families to dine there. Mothers who work were given half of the day off to enjoy with their families. The churches had dinners and dances for their member mothers and the schools were filled with celebrations of poems and music of children honoring their mothers. Husbands trying to cook for their wives. Children trying to be more obedient than usual. There was something like the spirit of Christmas. There was sweetness in the air. I think all of this was related to what Thomas S. Monson said: "May each of us treasure this truth; one cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one." God and mother are one.

Love is spoken in the home where a mother is loved and respected. "Men and women turn from evil and turn to their better natures when mother is remembered." There are many ways to forget mother. "Whenever we fall and don't rise up, whenever we do less that we ought, in a very real way we forget mother." Please, do not forget your mother even if she seems imperfect. Though I firmly know that I will see my mother again, though I know she is safely home, I would give so much to listen to my mother's voice once again and to feel her arms around me. A mother is a gift from God. A mother is an angel sent from Heavenly Father to us.

Dearest mother, I hope people get to know you as they see the good in me.

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