mercredi 17 avril 2013


I have a beautiful black grand piano in front of me and more than a hundred red soft beautiful cushioned chairs around me. I am sitting in an empty auditorium at the Tanner Building. It is pouring rain outside. There is almost no one here right now. Today was the last day of classes and we only have final exams now. Most people are getting ready to party before our finals tests start while I  can't stop thinking about the beautiful classes I had today... I feel very blessed...

Professors here tend to be like parents the last day of school. They talk about life as it truly is. They tell you their stories and the things they know to be true since we may never see them again. They give you their last advice before they let you go into what seems the "real world." These are people who have passion for what they do and they live extraordinary lives. My accounting professor is one of these extraordinary people. He has lived a very fulfilling life!

He told us today: " Life is more about stewardship of the things we own than ownership."  When he said this, it felt very real. He told us the story of a rich lawyer in California who is a friend of his. This lawyer has a passion for teaching youth and he would love to work as an English teacher and be a basket ball couch in a high school. Upon figuring this out, my Professor asked this lawyer: "why don't you do it then?" To what the lawyer replied: " I cannot afford it". "What is it that he can't afford?" My professor said: "it is to give up his expensive cars, his expensive lifestyle that he can't afford. This lawyer has become a slave to his possessions You only live once! And if you only live once, why don't you live doing what you love? Enjoy your youth! Youth is temporary! You have to choose something that when you wake up in the morning is the only thing you want to do. You have to choose something you can't wait to get at it. Find something that you are passionate about. If you find something that you are passionate about, you will be excellent at it. This is a blessing to the world. In this world, there is a lack for excellence! The key to living one's dreams is not money. If money seems to be the issue, I can tell you that the key to finance your dreams is not in the making of more money but in living modestly. Don't spend more than what you make. A life without meaningful work is not worth living at all." I can explain this in another entry: " A life without meaningful work... is not worth living at all..." 

There are more things he said. It was a lecture of an hour and a half. But, today I will only write this part. I am very grateful for the amazing " parents" I am blessed to have at my school. It is a big blessing. It is their stories that have had a great impact in me today, they have left their mark in my heart. As my professor said, there is a need for excellence. "Every person is different and he or she has a contribution to make. No one is destined to fail."

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